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Founded in 2000, our company has aimed to constantly improve itself and provide the best service to its customers in its region since the day it was founded.

Just one year after our establishment, it fulfilled ISSA requirements and became one of the most distinguished ISSA members in the region.

It took one of the biggest steps forward to become number one in its sector and region by creating its first bonded sales area in 2014.

Again in 2014, he became one of the most distinguished members of the region as a member of KSSA.

It opened its second bonded area in Busan port in 2019

Our company, which completed 20 years in ISSA in 2020, has proven to be Korea's best ship supplyer twice.

Today, it has turned into a large company that meets all kinds of needs of ships in all ports of Korea. Ship Cahandler Korea, which started its business with a team of a few people about 25 years ago, continues its work as a leader in its region and professionally with the largest team, with the service quality of the first day.

The satisfaction of our customers comes first for us and we continue our work at full speed without making any compromises in this regard.

Our quality policy is at the highest level and you can get any kind of supply needed for your ships to continue their voyages in a healthy way by contacting us and solving it without any problems.

Ship Chandler Korea carry out all kinds of supplies and supplies that the ships need without any problems and offer you the most suitable offers before making these supplies.