Ship Chandler Korea

Ship Chandler Korea Provisions Supply

Our company, which provides Provisions supply services for ships in the ports of South Korea, operates to meet the needs of the maritime industry. With our understanding of reliable and quality service, we work to provide a smooth supply experience for ship captains and shipowners.

Our company provides services in Busan, Incheon, Ulsan and many other ports, which are one of the leading ports of South Korea. We have the capacity to supply all kinds of Provisions products that ships need in these ports. From fresh fruits and vegetables to dry Provisions ; We offer a wide range of products, from beverages to essential living supplies.

By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we aim to be a reliable partner in ship supply supply. Our experienced and expert team works meticulously to meet the special requests and needs of our customers. Thus, ship owners and captains can continue their journeys without wasting time in the port.

Our company's ship stores supply services include a flexible service concept that meets special demands for ships. Taking into account our customers' special requests, we offer customized Provisions packages to meet their needs. We also provide a fast and efficient ordering and delivery system via online platforms to facilitate the ship ship supply process.

As a leading company in the supply of ship stores in all ports of South Korea, we constantly strive to ensure the highest standards in the industry. We continue to work to exceed our customers' expectations and establish long-term business partnerships.

Please visit our website to get more information about our ship stores supply services or to contact us with your requests.

  1. Beef
  2. Fresh Local Meat (Dry / Fresh)
  3. Pork
  4. Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
  5. Mutton
  6. Meat Cuts
  7. Seafood & Preserves
  8. Frozen Fruits and vegetables
  9. Pastries & Ice Creams
  10. Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
  11. Cheese and Eggs
  12. Nuts and Chips
  13. Cooking oils & Fats
  14. Fresh Water
  15. Juices
  16. Others

We provide you with all your needs other than these products. You can contact us at any time of the day for any needs of your ships.

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